Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starting today..

Two girls blogging - what's this about???  This is a place for us to write, what we think are the strange and hilarious things that happen to us each and every day...  we do believe this is stuff that only happens to us, as I'm sure that you might feel the same when things happen to you...  but for now, it's about us!!! 

So, to start, my day begins at 5 AM EVERY DAY!!!  Gotta be in work by 7 and I have a 45 minute ride through traffic to get there - usually late!  Today on my way home, I had to take a detour and ended up on the beach - saw a guy walking the beach with a SNAKE wrapped around his head!!!  Seriously???  Now I'm home blogging because someone told me to create a blog and write about anything - so this is it - we'll see how it goes!!!!  Happy Tuesday!

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